Struggling with ADD or ADHD?

We are the Solution

All treatments and services for ADD & ADHD require a diagnosis by a licensed psychologist. We make that process simple and inexpensive.

We evaluate both adults and children for all forms of ADD and ADHD.

You don't have to struggle another day.

Patient Assistance

COVID-19 Action Plan

Telemedicine access has become more important than ever as our nation responds to the COVID-19 crisis.  Patients may complete an assessment entirely online from home and no further appointments are necessary. We are adding more psychologists to handle the increased needs of our patients.

We firmly believe everyone deserves help and recognize the financial impact recent social distancing policies are having on families.


You may click here to finance your assessment over 3 months with no credit checks, financing fees or interest.


Please contact our support team if you are in need of additional financial assistance.

Licensed Psychologists

Immediate Access

No referral is needed by your family doctor or pediatrician.

Immediate access to licensed ADHD experts when convenient for you. No appointments to schedule.

Our innovative technology allows you to take your time and share your story from the comfort of home.

ADHD assessments are covered by most insurance plans, but you will never pay more than $149.

We will provide you with the proof of diagnosis your doctor, school or employer will require for medical treatment and accommodations.

How it Works

After payment you will complete the ADHD evaluation online

A licensed psychologist will be assigned to certify or exclude a diagnosis of ADHD

We email or mail you the certified assessment doctors, schools and employers require

Our care coordinators will assist you with finding the best treatment options

Computer-Based Testing

Assessments Made Easy

Do you feel nervous speaking to doctors and psychologists? Our process allows patients to complete an ADHD assessment from the comfort of their homes.

Sit back, take your time and tell us your story without feeling rushed or intimidated. Take an assessment day or night, when the time is right for you.

ADHD evaluations don't have to be stressful. At least, not any more.

Receive Help After the Diagnosis

Our Care Coordinators Will Assist with Referrals & Resources


Individualized Learning Plans


Neurofeedback Services


Extended Testing Time


Prescription Medications


Cognitive Therapy

All reviews are collected by a third party and only verified patients are invited to participate in surveys. You may click here to see verification of our posted reviews.

Transparency is important

Patient Reviews

Prescription Medications

Understand the Process

If criteria are met, we will provide you with the proof of diagnosis physicians require before they will prescribe ADHD medications.

Our skilled care coordinators are able to assist you with this process further in addition to placing referrals for cognitive behavioral therapy and recommending other non-medication treatments and services.

Who should be evaluated for ADHD?

Patients with any of the following symptoms should be evaluated.

  • Disorganization or incomplete work

  • Lack of focus

  • Poor attention to detail

  • Forgetful in daily activities

  • Distraction by noises or external stimuli

  • Fidgeting or squirming in seat

  • Difficulty awaiting ones turn

  • Difficulty playing or working quietly

  • "On the go" as if driven by a motor

  • Excessive talking or interrupting


A Trusted Technology

E-visits, or electronic visits, are widely used by large hospital systems across the country to evaluate and treat patients for multiple health conditions. E-visits are highly efficient and save time and money for patients.

We are the first and only company in the US to offer ADHD assessments via this trusted technology.

Our proprietary, dynamic and logic-based assessment alters the questions you are asked based on age and the answers provided. In other words, it learns and reacts to each patient to ensure our psychologists have all of the information they require to make or exclude a diagnosis of ADHD.

We Screen for more than just ADHD

Making a diagnosis of ADHD starts with screening for many other conditions.

  • Birth and developmental history

  • Past medical and surgical history

  • Past and present medications

  • Family medical and psychiatric history

  • Exercise, sleep and nutrition

  • Family environment and social history

  • Physical and emotional trauma

  • Addictive behaviors

  • Educational history

  • Personality profiling

  • Anxiety and panic disorders

  • Depression, mania, OCD and opposition

  • Dissociation disorders

  • Emotional regulation and executive function

  • Sensory and auditory processing disorders

  • Verbal and non-verbal learning disorders

  • Gifted status and executive function

  • Consideration or diabetes, sleep apnea, seizures, brain injuries, adrenal insufficiency, anemia and other confounding factors.

Certified Results

Accepted Nationwide

Our online ADHD assessment was created by a team of physicians, psychologists, mental health nurses, HIPAA consultants, healthcare attorneys and network security experts over a period of 18 months.

We evaluate adults and children and the certifications we provide have been accepted by physicians, k-12 schools, universities and employers accross the country.

We believe in transparency, so you will receive a full unabridged copy of your or your child's records. Depending on the answers you provide, most assessment notes average between 10-15 pages and are formatted by experts in the field of ADHD to ensure they meet or exceed the standard of care.

You may be Covered

Insurance & Fees

Many insurance plans will include ADHD assessments as a covered benefit. We will provide you with the necessary documentation to submit to your insurance carrier for reimbursement. The entire process takes just a few minutes and we'll be glad to help you along the way. It's really that easy!

You may also use your FSA & HSA accounts.


Your total out-of-pocket cost will never exceed $149.


Everyone Deserves Help

Affordable. Faster. Easier.

Many treatment options exist for ADHD, but most of them require a formal ADHD diagnosis by a licensed psychologist. Cost and wait times have made seeking an evaluation for ADHD difficult for many patients.


Our online assessment provides a high quality ADHD evaluation by the same licensed psychologists you would see in an office visit, but at a fraction of the cost and without needing to make an appointment.


Safe and Confidential

We utilize bank-level encryption and are fully HIPAA compliant. We never share your information with any third party unless you specifically request we do so in writing.

The information you share is protected by the same doctor-patient privilege you would expect in a normal office visit.


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