Your interest in this exciting way to help patients in need while substantially increasing your income makes ADHD Diagnosis Online the perfect opportunity for you. ADHD Diagnosis Online, PLLC has partnered with Starting Point, LLC to invite you to join us in celebrating an opportunity to provide patients seeking a diagnosis, or differential diagnosis of attention deficit disorders. Symptoms of this disorder plague individuals nationwide and it is our pledge to level the playing field when seeking assistance in diagnosing and ruling out this increasingly common and complex disorder. We are well aware of the complexities involved and subtle intricacies of attention deficits. We respect our clients with a patient centered consideration of each of them with detailed reports collected by the families concerned about the future of their loved ones.

Every day technology assists those in need of health services overcome the many obstacles to attaining them through web based services. Telehealth is sweeping the world as an alternative to traditional healthcare which previously required office visits for common concerns. The driving force of this momentum is the efficiency it offers by eliminating waste and providing patients with satisfaction when their needs are met in a timely manner which exceeds their expectations. There are benefits for both patients and providers of healthcare, regardless of sector.

It is well known by those in our field that cost is the number one inhibitor to attaining appropriate medical diagnosis of attention deficits. The lack of available credentialed providers creates insurmountable waiting periods to obtain testing. Accessibility is a significant problem due to insurance plans which do not par with reputable behavioral health professionals. All of these are no longer a problem with the advent of ADHD Diagnosis Online, PLLC.

We ask that you join us by helping those most vulnerable by assisting the facilitation of their evaluation needs. Please contact us via the contact information below and one of our skilled professionals will guide you step by step in order to become a member of our nationwide team. We look forward to seeing you at the Starting Point.

Requirements to Participate

1. For Ph.D or Psy.D credentialed professionals we need an active license to practice in good standing in at least one state with experience in evaluation of ADHD.

2. Physicians holding an MD or DO degree with an active permanent license to practice in good standing in at least one state who are board certified or board eligible in family medicine or psychiatry with experience in ADHD evaluation.

3. Participants will submit the previously mentioned credentials upfront before gaining access to provide their service and on an annual basis for re-verification thereafter. The following credentials will be are to be submitted:

-undergraduate and graduate degrees
-Post graduate training, state licenses, and board certification
-malpractice insurance
-criminal background checks
-state and federal tax forms
-provider contracts between ADHD Diagnosis Online, PLLC and individual providers

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