Does your child feel nervous when talking to psychologists and doctors? Our process allows your child to complete the test for ADHD without having to leave his home. So if you’re wondering, “am I suffering from ADHD?” a test may immediately be required.

So, sit back, relax, and tell us your story. Remember, there’s no need to feel intimated or rushed. Your child can take an assessment whenever you feel the time is right, day or at night, it doesn’t matter. The evaluations of the test of ADHD doesn’t have to be stressful; they neither are, at least now.

We prioritize transparency. All of our reviews are gathered by a third party, verified only by patients that are invited to participate in surveys. If your child show signs of the following ADHD symptoms, please note that ADHD may be present in your child and require immediate evaluation:

  1. Lack of focus

  2. Forgetful in daily activities

  3. Squirming or fidgeting in the seat

  4. Difficulty working or playing quietly

  5. Excessive interrupting or talking

  6. Incomplete work or disorganization

  7. Poor attention to detail

  8. Distracted by external stimuli or noises

  9. On the go as if driven by a motor

Our online ADHD test for your child was developed by a diverse team of psychologists, physicians, HIPAA consultants, mental health nurses, network security experts, and healthcare attorneys over 18 months. We evaluate children and adults, and the certifications we offer have been accepted by employers, universities, k-12 schools, and physicians. If your child is diagnosed with ADHD, take measures to mitigate its effect.


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