Ever wondered how early is too early to tell if your preschooler or toddler might have ADHD? Most children are not checked for ADHD until they are school age, but the American Academy of Pediatrics (or AAP) has stated that kids as young as four may be diagnosed. So, 4-5 is an appropriate ADHD diagnosis age if you’re looking to get an initial idea. While opting for an ADHD diagnosis test online at ADHD Diagnosis Online, we will give you a definitive answer about whether you have ADHD or not, you can still take note of the following symptoms to get a basic overview:

  1. Trouble coping with stress

  2. Hot temper

  3. Problems following through and completing tasks

  4. Frequent mood swings

  5. Low frustration tolerance

  6. Poor planning

  7. Excessive activity or restlessness

  8. Trouble multitasking

  9. Difficulty in focusing on a task

  10. Poor time management skills

  11. Disorganization and problems prioritizing

  12. Impulsiveness

While some people having ADHD exude fewer symptoms as they age, some adults continue to demonstrate big symptoms that come in between their daily functioning. In adults, the core features of ADHD may be inclusive of restlessness, impulsiveness, and paying attention. Symptoms may range from mild to severe.

Several adults with ADHD aren’t aware that they’re suffering from it – they just know that carrying out everyday tasks become a challenge. Adults having ADHD may find it difficult to prioritize and focus, leading to social plans, forgotten meetings, and missed deadlines. The inability to control impulses may range from outbursts of anger and mood swings to impatiently driving in traffic and facing difficulty in waiting in a line.

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