Privacy Policy

1. We are bound by the same HIPAA laws as any healthcare provider and will never share your personal health information with anyone for any reason, unless specifically requested by you or ordered by a judge.


2. We do not participate with insurance companies, so we are not controlled by then either. This means that we are not required to submit office notes or documentation of your online assessment to your insurance carrier. In fact, no one will ever be aware that you have ever had an assessment unless you choose to share your records. We will provide you with the necessary paperwork to submit to your insurance company if you wish to apply for reimbursement.


3. Our dedicated and secure servers utilize bank-level encryption and comply with all HIPAA regulations. Additionally, we remove assessments from our internetconnected servers shortly after completion and store them on both hardware and software encrypted drives. Hackers are unable to access these records because these drives are no longer connected to the internet.


Download this PDF to print and learn more about your our privacy policy


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